Poem Hunter
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)


Im supose to say goodbye
But im not ready yet
Everyone is telling me your in a better place now
How is it a better place?
Your not here with me anymore
What can be better than that?
They say your watching me from above
They say that you would of been proud of me
How do i know this is true?
I cant communicate with you anymore
Im the one doing the talking
I dont get no reply from you
I thought you were watching over me
How come you cant reply back to me?
You use to tell me
That you would always have my undivided attention
Yet I dont hear nothing from you
Why did you have to go?
Im not done growing up yet
I still need your help
I still need your advice
I need you more than ever
You promised me
You would always be here for me
And your not here anymore
Why did you leave me?
I love you so much
I miss you more than ever
Grandma I'll keep talking to you
I hope your listening.
Ashley O

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great poem, shows the emotion of loss,