I saw him in his car with his new girlfriend in the passenger seat,
He kissed her the way he kissed me everytime we had meet,
I know I should just move on as he's not mine anymore,
But I just can't seem to forget him and the things he made me fall for.

He used to love me so much, that I didn't see anyone else,
By just staying by his side all the time, he could tell,
I loved him so much and I smiled everytime he's next to me,
But I was young and naive that I thought after what we've done,
he will never leave me.

He was quite older than me but he had that cute behaviour
that I was addicted to,
He loved hip-hop and he dressed like a rapper too,
He wasn't very fit and also not the cutest guy,
But I keep on melting and melting everytime he smiled.

When he met my parents, they didn't approve him,
He wasn't very high educated, and he wasn't even working,
After that, he became stubborn and refused to go out with me
just to hang with his buddies,
Eventhough I told him to, he didn't want to work or continue his studies.

Then, he started to control me, doing bad things behind my back,
When he was caught that way, he said that he had changed
and told me to accept him back,
I loved him so I accept him, but the thing is
he didn't change the way I thought he had,
Instead, he changed negatively,
that caused me everyday, to feel mad.

He made me cry and disturbed me everyday and every hour,
When he couldn't reach me, he would call to ask and annoy my sister,
He ripped off my shirt because I said I want to break up with him
when I once met him,
When thinking again and again, I realized that that behaviour he had
is the behaviour of the 'real him'.

He controlled me so bad that he forced me
not to break up with him or else hurt me to tears,
He hurt me so bad, leaving scars and bruises under my clothes,
until he was my greatest fear,
I still love him though that time but I had to do the right thing,
My sisters also told me to, so I told my freaky brother about him.

Eventhough my brother was freaky, he was the reason why
he is not contacting me anymore,
Although he hurt me so bad, I can't forget him and crying for him was never a bore,
Now he has a new girlfriend who is kind of pretty,
When looking at pictures of them together, I will remember
how I used to smile every time I was with him
and cry because they look so happy.

So here I am, crying to see my ex-boyfriend with his new girl,
I am still not ready to see that as I still remember when
he made me feel like I was on top of the world,
It hurts so bad to see his face and remind me of all the things,
all his lies,
But I now have to say this, mad and sadly I want to say 'goodbye'....

by dee ann

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leaving past behind is only wisdom to show whether madly or sadly...... very good write