RS (February 21,1989 / Werthiem Germany)


Wiping the tears from her eyes
She softly whispers her last goodbyes.
So long to all those crazy nights,
Au revoir to all those rising lights.

Cold and numb she still moves on.
Behind the smile her soul’s withdrawn.
Turning away from her broken past,
Praying that her heart can last.

Sleepless nights with dreams of him,
Eyes that haunt at every whim.
Buried deep beneath her mask,
Until simple living became a task.

Now she stands on the edge of life.
Her fingers gripping that unknown knife.
Coming to peace with all she’s known,
Her sorrow escaping, a silent moan.

His promises have long lain shattered
And with them her dreams tattered.
Shadows now fill her once bright eyes,
Shaken and torn from all the lies.

Closing her heart to that same old fear.
Hating her weakness of wanting him near.
Knowing deep down it’s all long gone,
Vowing to hold on for a newer dawn.

Looking for a hope to grasp
Her fingers fumbling at the clasp.
Floating above all the pain
Cringing from all their disdain.

Frustration eating her inside out.
Trembling from the unheard shout.
Crimson streams run unchecked,
Across her skin, her body wrecked.

Falling deeper into the dark
Frantically searching for a spark.
As lullabies of decay and death,
Softly steal her waning breath.

Struggling past the million thorns,
Determined to endure their scorns.
Hardening her heart once more.
Mending the pieces that were tore.

Gazing at pale moon light,
Sighing softly at the sight.
Daring her soul to dream again,
Unknown is the place to begin.

Rugged and cracked, she wears her scars.
Unearthly beauty akin to stars.
Tragic eyes that yet hold peace
And promises that give release

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