Poem By Arvie Calimlim

I never had the chance to say goodbye
I never wanted anyway
I never wanted to cry
I never wanted to go away

What’s good in goodbye anyway?
When you leave and you don’t return
When all the memories you left
Just seems to start to burn

I wondered all this time
How life just seems to be
Though it’s happy and fun
There were always tears to see

Anything could end
Without notice without trace
Some things would just end
And bring sadness in my face

Yet everything should end
Whether we like it or not
May it be good or evil
It will eventually rot

I watch as the sun set
Then I saw in the sky
There was hope for another day
Even if we say goodbye

Comments about Goodbye

wow. this poem makes me wonder and think about lots of things. nice write. keep it up! ! : D
a solemn goodbye... Yet the day breaks and a new hope shines through... nice write, ,
Every sun that rises must set...goodbye is a part of life..a exists to teach us a lot of introduces 'memories' to us...yes, they, too, fade away...but while they're still clear..we dance with them...we treasure them. We may not hold them forever...but we can hold them long enough for our hearts to learn to be satisfied and move on...And then, after learning those...we just don't let them vanish or carry them as burdens...we can wear them as wings and let them spread to show everyone the beauty of their being. Smile!

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