The house seems so empty today.

You never realise how much clutter you have in your
life until it leaves.

But it was for the best.

Sure the sex was great
but we really had nothing else in common
and after a year
the fault line finally caved in.

I came home on Tuesday Morning
and she was gone.

Just like that.

No note,
no explanation,
none of my things
were broken,
she'd just left.

I think that's the most
disapointing thing of all.

She could've at least
destroyed something.
She could've
taken a minute before walking
out of the door
to have expressed her disdain for me.

Instead it was almost as if
she'd never exsisted,
as if we'd never been,
as if I'd never ment a thing.

But that was her way
though it wasn't always so.

She'd had fire once,
she was a force of nature
that threatend to consume
everything in it's path
and that's what attracted me to her.

She drank like a Sailor,
could fight like a Marine
and fucked like the Devil himself.

She was almost perfect.

But as time passed
and she became more and more
all that desire,
that lust for life,
just faded away into obscurity.

And as she lost interest
in all that I'd loved
then so did I.

So I sit here
writting this epitath
but it's not for her,
it's for that girl I once knew
in better days.

I hope for her sake she finds her again.

by Neil Gray

Comments (2)

i really enjoyed this poem too..i love your style..perhaps some of the spelling could be checked as it can be a bit distracting...or am i being too picky? 10 for style though
another strong free flowing poem, you have found your stlye Neil, and you work it well, some great thoughts in this poem, especially liked the one about her not smashing up anything of yours before she left, the idea that she was now indifferent to it all, no anger, no sadness, just a walking shadow of her former self, consumed by routine. always a pleasure to read your work. best wishes, vincent