MW (September 14 / Dallas)


At last, in parting from you now-there is no...
Im leaving you in grief and pain
cause ur not the same-
im lost
your lost
two lost folks cant get anywhere-
so im gone-
and you can find someone else to feed your mouth-
to care for you-cause im gone. Out the door, im leaving with no...
Just the memories-times we cried-times you cried-
in which i caused-but i dont care-
Im still gone-
im gone to find a new life without you-
to tear-me down
so at last, im parting from your life with no...
Just the moments that we spent together-
in Grief and Pain-but its alright-
Its not like you have any feelings-your just like me-
You were mine-
but not no more cause ur not the same-
- im not the same-
together we'll end up dieing
in eachother's arms-
So, at last i leave the house that i raised you-with no...

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