Poem By Paul Allsopp

I woke to find you gone.
Moments went by, but I knew.
The emptyness inside told me.
Nothingness said that I was alone.

I waited, maybe I was wrong,
Still disillusioned from just waking.

Quietly I slipped out of bed,
Trying to listen to sounds from another room.
Sounds to tell Me I was wrong.
But no sounds came.

I knew this was to happen,
Knew it would do soon.
I would occupy my mind,
Any thought, day to day things.
I could go out and see people.
I could do this, I know I can.

The days are easy,
The nights come hard.
Loneliness creeps up to me,
And sits watching as I watch it back.

It tells me I've lost,
'You've lost! ', it says to me.
I scream and lash out at it,
But loneliness is too fast,
And yet can stay forever.

Sleep is my only respite now,
I can slip away into a lucid world,
Where I don't have to listen,
Don't have to be.

You did this.
You did this to me.

I need to die,
Because then you won't be.
I try to hide,
But people, they see.

They try to help,
To make me smile,
I like them for that.
But the one thing I need has gone.
'What did I do wrong? '

I need to sleep,
To die.
To hide away,
Deep inside.

I did this,
I did this to me.
I was the one who got so attached.
So I am the one to blame!

To slip away may be cruel,
But to go on would be unbearable.

Solitude slips up and holds my hand,
Sits by me in my leaving hours.
I didn't think what I would do,
I just did it.

I had taken so many tablets before,
What would a few more mean?
Easily done when you don't think too hard.
Easily swallowed, knowing it's easier gone.

So this is my goodbye,
Think not harshly of me.
I did not blame you in my final hours,
I left the blame aside.

This is not anyone's cause,
Just a place not missed.
Lips no longer kissed.
Find no emotion in your heart for me.
I ask none, and deserve none either.

As this candle falls to the ground,
The breeze extinguishing it.
Another one is lifted to take its place.
A new light for you to see by.

Allow me this,
My last parting sorrow.
Mourn me not,
And see tomorrow.

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despite a few spelling errors and some overly written verses...the ending was a good one...

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2,4 out of 5
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