Poem Hunter
(6-26-1980 / othello)


Poem By Jon Edward Walker

I wish I could have said something
that would both get my point across and
make you feel better at the same time
hell I’d settle for accomplishing either
But no, we had to fight and
and I had to grab my shit
and go.
I hope that
you can agree
that I did the right thing
I think maybe I’m
no good
for you
I’m quite sure your
not for me

I always remember the best time’s we’ve had
right after the worst
even before I start
my packed car
I think of your smile
the one on your face
and in your eyes,
the silly way you run
how you laugh,
our candle light dinners,
swinging in the rain

If I was a different man
I’d cry,
I laugh
and drink
maybe later,
later I will cry,

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