I live in a world no man has ever heard of.
With trees mutlicolored
Animals that talk like humans but fly like dragons.
You can find fairies singing by the river
and goblins drinking wine with demons.
I'm considered an angel.
Angel who can change life forever and heal a broken heart.
But it can be lonely at times.
Sitting by the fire place and drinking tea with no one to talk to.
But I finally realized that I don't have to stay in my little cottage by the forest of Gobleina.
I could find a new place to live with people who are like me.
I wouldn't have to deal with annoying snaklins or drunk pipnees.
So I pack my stuff that are very dear to me and walk out the door.
In happiness, I look back at the place that once was called home and say my last word:

by Alexis White

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Amazing poem Alexis i really enjoyed reading it