MN (11-08-1970 / )


I pray one day for happiness.
I pray one day for peace.
I pray one day I'm left alone
and this pain will finally cease.

Don't hate me because I'm different.
Don't hate me for having love.
Don't hate the fact that I know GOD
is guiding me from above.

I wish you knew my pleasures.
I wish you knew my pain.
I wish you knew how hard I try
to let the love remain.

Maybe we will never
see things eye to eye.
But hate will only cause more pain.
So let's just say GOODBYE.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (6)

Another one of your masterpieces! Great write!
very very good. I like ur style very flowy. Lylyanna
Girl I am really feeling this poem. I decided to read some of your poems because you commented on one of mines. I'm glad I did. I really like your work. This an awesome piece. I thank God for blessing me with the 'gift of good-bye'. When people are not adding to your life sometimes it's best to just say good-bye.
Nice i really like your stuff. Lylyanna
First poem of yours I am reading, Mary and I think it is a good one - social perception cannot be easily overridden.
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