Goodbye Daddy

He closed his eyes and drifted away
I knew then all I could do was pray

Goodbye daddy goodbye
My daddy’s gone
I feel its wrong
Goodbye daddy goodbye

Sleep daddy sleep
As I lay next to him I began to weep
You taught me so much yet I’ve never seen you cry

Goodnight daddy goodnight
I see your soul begin to fly up into the sky
And tears flow down my cheeks as I breakdown and cry

Goodbye daddy goodbye
My daddy’s gone
I feel its all wrong
Goodbye daddy goodbye

So long daddy
I will make you proud
And look for you in the soft white clouds
For you will be there
It just seems so unfair

by Craig Piercy

Comments (2)

It was so full of heart. So full of hurt and passion, I have to say it's one of my favourite poems, where do you get your inspiration?
A tribute with a poignancy that one can relate..... May you always remember him thus and when you do let the memories wipe the tear drops from a misty eye.-Baru Gobira