Goodbye Fadeaway

I miss it when i put my hand out and ur hand wraps around-

I miss saying i love u...god i love that sound-

I miss calling u up just to say i miss you-

I miss laying next to each other with the feeling i cant really describe-

I just flat out miss u cuz u.. your my life-

I miss our little talks about how wed always last.. i guess thats all a broken future or maybe left fer the past-

I miss watching chick flicks with u beacuse id always fight a tear-

I miss saying goodbye cuz after that id always hear.. I love you-

I miss The way u smell when u held u so close to my heart-

I fell in love at first sight right from the very start -

Now its time to say goodbye and i hate to say.. but i love u now but ill let u fadaway-

by David Cesefske

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