MW (September 14 / Dallas)

Goodbye, Goodbye

I once blew stars into the night sky
I once threw clouds into the blu sky
I did all this with love, love, love!
I wished you the heaven, the stars, and sky above.
I wished you red roses, sweet kisses, and my heart agone.
But i feel as if you are the chain around my ankle-the cuffs on my wrists
And with that i say, I take it all back.
The stars, the sky, the roses, and kisses-are all yours, if you want...
But Im not yours no longer-more.
Reason being, is we are not alike-
I am the south and you-the north,
Sadly, i dont believe opposites attract-
I hope that you will find someone, special and loving>
the way you are.
I hope that you do not return to my life-it'd be easier for us both.
I still adore you like love from a sibling, but anymore- I cannot give.
So with this i say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
I hope that you will be alright, alright.

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