'Goodbye' Is Not Always A Good One

My heart can no longer feel
Even the cut of surgical steel
Longing for the night just to sleep
But keep lost count of sheep

I’m standing tall and walking straight
What’s in mind is not what I had said
Hiding this troubled trembling soul inside me
I’m crying out loud but you can’t see

A little kiss and a smile
Waving this hand just for a while
“Goodbye” is what I shouted
But it wasn’t a good one
Has never been a good one…

by Ali Kristianto Budiman

Comments (3)

Parting is sad always.......a mild heart can bear up? Good poem A.K.
I always enjoy words with feeling, To my mind they are the only ones worth reading by the heart.You have shown tallent again in this and a poem is expression from another and may not have to ryhme.Keep up the Feeling! Love Duncan
The first stanza is brilliant. Susie.