Goodbye Linguist

Goodbye linguist the time has faded away
Gone for sure as it set in
And the cooing, sobs and wails could not hold
Nor the tears could ever prevent your exit
But you have just faded away like mist on a clear sky
And we say Goodbye the legend

Goodbye the man of many worlds
The hero of tales of yesterday
And the possessor of great linguistic tones
Yet you are truly bemoaned today great man
Just like the way your inception crept in, in sobs
So your exit is cumulated in tears

Goodbye the legend of the universe
Gone are your heroic words with you
Buried are the treasures of life you possessed
And truly missed are your great words
Those connotations in plain linguistic tones
And we say goodbye to the legend

Goodbye the man of great words
Gone are the soothing linguistic mementos
Ailed are the sweet narrative and notations
Teared are the words of wisdom now archived
Yes, buried is the nectar and honey of wise sayings
As we say goodbye great legend

By: chariots

by Aron Lelei

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As we remember the departed Kaula the Linguist