MAB ( / Sydney)

Goodbye Mum.

Goodbye Mum and goodbye Dad
Goodbye the best MG I had
Sorry Gran for leaving you
Yes I know I love you too.

Lad's so young, he's just a pup
Still a boy and just called up
Packed in buses, off to camp
Issued greens to drill and tramp.

Learn to shoot and crawl like rats
Learn to wait and spring like cats
Learn my number, I think I know
Our platoon corporal is a so n so.

Now I speak in Army slang
Sitrep this and diapole hang
This SLR is a rifle son
A gun is what you use for fun.

After ten weeks in this charade
Drill in ranks, our pass out parade
Now on parade for recruit Parker
My claim to fame is I'm right marker.

Posted to the tropical state
Joined my unit, met a mate
We played Rugby and knew the lurks
We Nashos really worked the perks.

Ate fine dust up at High Range
Honed our skills and noted change
I'm fitter now, a much leaner me
Just passed my test at JTC.

MB 1980.

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