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Goodbye My Dear, [hello Friend? ]
DT (07/09/1980 / Singapore)

Goodbye My Dear, [hello Friend? ]

Just hung up the phone today,
my voice may have seemed calm
my insides don't agree
my head knows what has to be done
and why

my heart don't agree.

But selfish are our emotions
not logical, feeling only for our own
and to that end it becomes
unfeeling, cold, manipulative and ultimately selfish.

I will miss you
miss the times spent talking
miss the meals we've had together
miss the hugs and kisses
miss the closeness of you
miss the smell of you
miss the sound of your voice
miss the warmth of your laughter
miss the care of your concern
I will miss you

Was it worth it,
was it worthwhile?
I can't answer that for you.
Only you can.

It was worth it, for me,
I knew what I was getting into
did'nt stop me from opening up
glad I had the chance to touch another life
another soul so deep and real
refreshing to just be oneself
to know and be known,
(and yet not defined by)
by another (you) .

I hope you find in life what you truely seek
and that God will be real and ever present
Soverign over all events and cirumstance
and therefore can be trusted.
That is my personal posture before God
as Job said 'The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, may the name of the Lord be praised.'

I pray, you will be able to answer that question of worth.
And that in due time you will be able to relate to me
once more, as a friend.

For life to meet was a divine act
it was great to have travelled in life
with you beside for a while
on the esclator,
but I guess this is where our esclators diverge
I hope for the privillege to travel again beside you
or meet you at another floor of life
maybe we can hop on the same esclator sometime.

Don't be a stranger,
SMS/Email when u can handle it
Guard your heart, but don't close up.
Define yourself,
and your self worth by what you see in Scriptures
NOT the men you date.
Open up, dare to fail but careful to fall.
Life is not about avoiding pain
I hope you understand these concepts.

End I must,

And yet as Shakespeare said
'oh but parting is such sweet sorrow.'

Sweet sorrow it is.
emotion, not logic.

And to answer the question of what if?
I quote Shakespeare who wrote in Hamlet

so goodbye my dear.
I hope to say hello my friend, soon.

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