SR (15.8.94 / Taree)

Goodbye, My Friend

I knew you were listening
Whenever I talked to you
You could see behind the smile
A friend like you was true
I felt lucky to know you
You were always there
It made me smile to know
That at least you cared
I thought you'd stick with me
Until the very end
It's all the things we'd been through
And all the time we'd spent
You were my twin
Like sisters for life
You coudn't seperate us
Not even with a knife
But now times past
You've left me now
Now you're so distant
Like a pen pal
I'll say my goodbye now
And save the pain later
Goodbye my old friend
You were like my sister

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Comments (2)

It's absolutely beautiful....i can really relate to this, keep writing!
Your words are very familiar... beautiful