SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

Goodbye My Lover

This part of my life is called being smart
No longer can I live my life through my heart
Enough pain, enough bullshit enough to leave
Should have done this a long time ago~ what a relief!

Never again will I allow you to get the best of me
No more feeling melancholy
I have to be happy and live my life
Take care of my daughter; no more strife!

You only cause me to feel hurt and sick
Enough with your self pity-get over it!
Life’s not that bad you’re alive and breathing
You’re 30 years old grow up and start believing

Bring Christ into your life; embrace his name
Give up all the evil and be reborn again
I need to walk away, things will never be right
No more trust will I have; all we’ll ever do is fight.

No regrets, just lessons learned
Of how I fell in love and eventually got burned
I have a beautiful daughter so I can’t keep playing this game
She is the reason I breathe, the reason I’m still sane

You need to find yourself, and you need to get better
Cause I can no longer stick around through your stormy weather.
This is my exit, no more can I stay
I hope you get better, every night I will pray

My love has faded and will never again be right
Just take this experience into consideration your next relationship and fight
Fight your inner Demon; cast him away to the side
Embrace the Lord our savior for He is always right.

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend
I know it hurts, but we must end.

D: Ricardo Caban
June 3,2008

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beautifully done...expressions portrayed the ever changing demands of our life...