The Mystical Traveler Child

9-14-06 The Mystical Traveler Child
~ A True Story of Love

Almost apparent from birth
his mother could sense he had an uncommon spirituality
about him

happy but serene
sensitive and quiet
a boy with brown eyes so full of Light and Love
that she could see the eternal soul that lay behind them

in the few short years of his presence
here on earth
he faced his disabilities with courage
and in seeing this
there came a faith in God
that his mother never could have found
without knowing him

she thanked God for blessing her with the honor
of such a precious charge
which was the treasured little spirit
that went by the name of George Richard Betro

to George
life was much like signing up for the post-grad option

he came here to teach

his motto:
“wherever you need me, I’ll willingly go”

all the while
he maintained here on earth
the divine connection
between his family and God
which was a thriving, viable force

when his work was done
she was there with him

on that evening
his spirit rose up from his body
and with a profound awe
that she never would forget
her spirit was pulled up along with his

she held on to his left ankle
and Grand Mad was there
to hold on to his right

they both were screaming up to him

this Mystical Traveler Child
soared with his mother and grandmother
in to a fast moving and bright
starry night

his arms, reaching up
seemed to propel him up and forward
like Superman’s

she felt the overwhelming-ness
of “...Joy”…and…”Peace....”

as they returned back to earth
they each had a sock to hold on to

she awoke with the sock
she took off his left foot earlier
that evening before

he is watching now
from above
waiting for his next assignment

…from somewhere…until whenever…

when he arrived back home
to the All-Knowing
he knew that he succeeded in his brief mission:

to leave earth
a little more graced
a little more reverent
and a little more aware of God’s Love

than from when he found it.

by Judith Ann Betro

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I like this, It is short and sweet, straight to the story and furthermore to the point, Well Written!