(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Goodbye Summer!

Yes, it’s time to say goodbye now
We’ll miss her so very much
She gave us many smiles
With her fragrant brilliant touch

Summer’s pink and white impatiens
Filled numerous pots and corners
Nearly spent now as we feel
A bit like nature’s mourners

The green leaves that we love as well
Will turn their autumn colors
Reds and yellows so magnificent
Always spectacular like no others

There is a chill that fills the air is now
A turning point for sure
Earthiness is taking over
From summer so sweet and pure

But it’s okay, don’t you think?
As our seasons come and go
We’ll have winter and then spring
Before the summer we love so!

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Summer like a woman radiant and loving is missed, for in place 'a chill that fills the air is now/ A turning point for sure/ Earthiness is taking over...'. Interesting description.