Goodbye Till We Meet Again

Poem By Matur Achuil

Travel happily sister
We call it promotion to glory
With shaky voices we say goodbye sister
And remember this is not the end of a love story
You have taken the route we will all take
And your early departure is not a mistake
All the same, we can't pretend that we willn't miss you
But we have to finish our pilgrimage before we join you

It is like the earth is breaking to pieces faster than before
Even gravity seems not to pull on me anymore
It is like I am falling into the abyss of emotional drought
But with the ego of a moran the tears back I fought
Lost and unsure of what to do
My hands searching for something to hold unto
And they get hold of my faithful friends, pen and paper
I trust my friends because we always work together
And even when I have the universe to carry on my shoulders
On me they make it weigh less than a sack of feathers

Millions of times I have been tempted to look at the sky
And with a curious voice ask heavens 'why? '
Though millions have but never got the answers
Because life is ONE BIG QUESTION with no answers
So unto your sweet memories I cling
And the beautiful songs we sang together
I sing Believing from heaven you are watching me
And singing along with me From heaven staring at me
I feel your soul Laughing at me when I fall
But knowing I am going to get up

Please say hello to our comrades we lost on the way
And assure them that we will join you any day
It is not going to be long before we meet again
Because I am slowly but surely dying from the emotional pain
Tell them one day the whole crew will be united like before
And will stick together forever more

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