Goodbye To A Friend

Poem By Stacey Drayer

Driving down the road
So happy and carefree.
We were unwilling placed
In the hands of our destiny.
Time has past
And I wake up from my sleep.
I think to myself
What has happened to me?
There was glass everywhere
And blood on the dash.
I did not know what had happened
Because it happened so fast.
I look over beside me
And there lay my friend.
She looked so bloody and cold.
I prayed to God she wasn't dead.
I started to scream her name
Then I started to shake her.
I was doing everything possible
Just trying to wake her.
I listened closely to her mouth
But she was not breathing.
I felt scared and shaky,
And then I started screaming.
I layed there holding her hand.
I could not help but to cry.
I said a prayer to myself saying
"God, please don't let her die."
They laid her on a gurney
With a sheet over her face.
I wanted her to live.
I was willing to take her place.
What will I do without her?
I feel so all alone.
No more trips to the mall.
No more conversations on the phone.
I sat in my bedroom
Listening to "Dust in the Wind".
Remembering all the things we have done,
And all the places we've been.
I know she is alive in spirit
And feeling no more pain.
I know the day I die
Will be the day I see her again.
It is sad but the truth
That all life has to end.
But that is easier to say
Until you say goodbye to a friend.

Comments about Goodbye To A Friend

I heard her tell me this poem when we were in AIT in the army together, way back when. I would love to get in touch with her again and catch up on old times. She has alot of talent, I hope she still writes.

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