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Goodbye To All

To all my friends I wish to say goodbye
As tomorrow I know not what is in store for me
That might be the day that I am meant to die
Then up in heaven, I will be with my family,
But until then my friends I will sit and reflect
As I would hate to leave with any sorrows or regret.

I want my life affairs to be in their proper order and state
That is if tomorrow is the day that I am predestined to leave
It won't be an accident so it must be called fate
As life and death are the same drink, as I do believe,
Until then I have not cursed or have I even wept
I am enjoying all these moments with the time that I have left.

The stone for my grave it has already been bought
The engraving on my stone has already been shown
And I have already purchased my own little plot
Finally a place where I can lie and rest all alone,
And on my stone will be only my name and my years
I added no sentiments, as I do not want to bring sadness or tears.

I will be leaving my home for the very last time
Through my front door with key I will enter into it anymore
And never again will I watch and hear my clock chime
Never will I hear the creaks when I walk upon my wooden floor,
Those simple issues are the occurrences I truly will miss
When I cross over into the mysterious great abyss.

Goodbye to my family and friends and goodbye to my garden
They truly are what I will miss the most from my life
But I lived a full life with adventure so I ask for no pardon
So instead I will leave behind my son, and all my strife,
Now as I look back and reflect my life it indeed is complete
Tomorrow or even the next day, my maker I am ready to meet.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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Yes Randy, It's best to be prepared, Well done!