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Goodbye To You

Goodbye To You

Poem By broken soul.. No more

Here i am
trying to pick up the pieces
of my broken heart
the one that you have
torn apart

Here i am
slowly losing my grip
letting go of the possibilities
that you will come back
and fix everything up

+i will be okay
i will be alright
i'll do my things just fine
I'll say goodbye to you
and to our past
goodbye to you
and to our memories
goodbye to you
may it all be worth it+

Here i am
standing still
trying to put
a smile on my face

Here i am
looking forward
to a brand new day
I will move on
and i will start today

**You left me with tears
Now i am living with fears
But i'll move on you'll see
a better person in the future i'll be**

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YOu write down what many can't say, I can see you have a broken heart, still you manage to stick around. good job on the writing! !
There is no reason why one must have a broken soul! Body perishable never the soul! World is great, nature greater, God - the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscent- guides us to be great and happy! Cheer up!