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Goodbye World
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Goodbye World

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

Anger and misery is all I ever seem to bring.
Hatred and anger is what I seem to be making.
Acceptance and understanding was all I wanted.
But acceptance and understanding was never granted.
I wish I knew what I did to deserve all this.
Rape abuse hatred and pain is all I've ever really known.
I never ever wanted any of this.

I never really did seem to fit anywhere in life.
And one thing is for sure I've never belonged.
All I am is someone that nobody wants stuck with.
No one will shed a tear when I'm gone.
That I can belive with out a doubt.

When I am gone.
Every one will be in a moment of gladness.
They will be in a moment of happiness and joy.
All becuase they are rid of the loser that is me.

I'm not sad Im not crying.
It is with relife and happiness that I go.
I go with no regrets, this is the choice I have made.
I could see no other way.

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