Poem Hunter
(26 March 1859 – 30 April 1936 / Worcestershire)


Goodnight; ensured release,
Imperishable peace,
Have these for yours,
While sea abides, and land,
And earth's foundations stand,
and heaven endures.

When earth's foundations flee,
nor sky nor land nor sea
At all is found
Content you, let them burn:
It is not your concern;
Sleep on, sleep sound.

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His poems have a calm magnificense about them, One of my top favorite poets,
The peaceful abode that is death
look - this is night of my soul I've left all last bell calls me You can live with them all in awaken or sleeping I'm going Let them come to annihilate me for last time Oh! Yes- you can sleep and live ….
Such a great poem by Alfred Edward Housman👍👍👍
A profound poem on the very serious topic of death! Short and well crafted!
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