Goodnight I Love You

What brings me to tears is how I waited for this to happen
I waited
Every night…
One moment closer to the end
Time adds up fast when you’re waiting to end the best thing you have ever had
I lay in bed and drift in and out of sleep
Each time I wake my mind becomes a little more weak
Dreams of love float high above my head
And with each hour I come closer to feeling you again
My tears they burned my eyes
I guess that’s what happens when you don’t cry often
My heart is empty now
But, it matches my arms
My life is empty now
But, it matches my bed
I suppose you think I want to bleed
But, I couldn’t bring my self to lose blood over lost love
I wish I didn’t ever feel how you cared
You see I trick all of them into loving me
I like the attention
I tried to trick you…
You wouldn’t let me
Instead I fell in love
Your attention was different
You didn’t have to do or say anything and I still felt that you cared
My words keep tumbling off my lips
And my mouth its dry
The room is spinning I cant find myself to balance
So I drank my tears
There’s enough to quench my thirst
You say you’ve never heard me cry this hard before…
Well, I’ve never been this hurt
Maybe if you didn’t break my heart
Maybe if you didn’t lie to me
Maybe if you didn’t break all those promises
And then it’s all okay
Because no matter whom she is …
I know you will always love me more
I mean who stopped you from dying more than once?
I’m am the one who will always be there
No one will ever love you like I do
Goodnight I love you
I fall asleep and it’s like
We never fell apart.

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