Goodnight My Precious One 2

Goodnight my precious one you are so good,
let's end this night with a deep passionate kiss
while we just snuggle so tight in bed.
I crave the warmth in your arms
knowing I'm accepted and loved,
and in return helping you feel so very safe,
comforted and filled with peace.
Helping you to know that you're never alone,
with a deep hug and kiss I say goodnight my precious one.

I'll be holding you so very tight through the night
softly reassuring you of all my
dedicated love and devotion to you,
Kira my sweet Angel dove so precious to me.
I love you so much and send you endles
smiles, kisses, and tight hugs.
I so want to be in the warmth of your arms.

I'll see you tonight within the land of dreams
where being with you will feel so happy and bright,
just holding and kissing you being with my dear one,
I never want to be apart from you and feel empty inside,
I love you sweet Kira and need you in my arms.

Goodnight my dear precious one
and know that I'll be with you all night,
my arms are around you because I love you so much.
Do see me and hear me as I visit your dreams,
I need to see my beautiful one and see how you are,
I want and need to know if you are alright.
You are my Angel and the woman I love
goodnight Kira my precious one I love you so much.

by Michael P. McParland

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