Goodnight Precious One

Goodnight Kira my precious one
I truly love you so.
To you I send this massive goodnight kiss,
look to the stars to see me smiling at you in love
blowing millions of kisses.
You are my precious lady so dear,
feel all my loving warmth as I wrap my arms around you.
You are my Angel Queen.

Goodnight Kira my precious gem so rare
I love you more than anything.
God bless you on this night
and I'll visit you in your dreams,
to kiss and hold you so you'll know my love.
Oh my sweet sweet precious Angel dove
I love you so.
My dear darling Kira all my loving warmth
with endless kisses and hugs to you.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (2)

I love your poem so. God bless you
Awesome...nice to hear such beautiful love form a male...Enjoyed reading...Thanks for sharing.God bless