Being & Nothingness

If you want me to be
I will just be.
If you want me not to be
I still shall be.
Oh my redeemer, nothing can change the life
Even the elemental force of your love
In motion,
Creation is essentially not the fact.
Being or nothingness,
Is motion,
But not the fact or a virtue.
Regret for the gleaning days.
Louts are everywhere.
I want to be with you
But desolate tree is in nothingness.
Not being.
Retribution is a slapstick
Words are the true friends
If they let me be.
Grace is an evil
In motion
Not creation
Not creation but motion.
Chapel of sinners is empty with dust
No sinners
But in motion of reality in production
So let me be
Just be…

by Amir Foroughi

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LOL, Ive experienced similar problems with my dog, of course its more jump on me when Im eating breakfast attack. Your not the only one it happens in all households. Great stuff