Gooey Gooey Gum Drum (A Song)

Gooey gooey gum drum
Here comes the little one
Jelly on both her hands
Somebody stop her
I'm wearing my new suit!
Oh no, She got me again!

It was just this morning
That I woke up late
I hurried, as fast as I could
But she got me
With the old pancakes
And syrup like I knew she would!

Gooey gooey gum drum
Here comes the other one
Running down the hall
Gotta kiss daddy
Before he leaves!
Peanut butter wall to wall!

Here he comes running
Arms open wide
Coming full steam ahead
Got out of the way
Just in time!
My wife took the blow instead!

Out the door
And finally outside
Wiping jelly off on a log
Should have kept going
While I had the chance!
Got tinkled on by the dog!

Gooey gooey gum drum
At home I'm the only one
A victim of circumstance
I can't help it
Cause they all love me!
At least when they get the chance!

by Bill Simmons

Comments (1)

LOL, Ive experienced similar problems with my dog, of course its more jump on me when Im eating breakfast attack. Your not the only one it happens in all households. Great stuff