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Google Pilgrimage

Drove down to Mountain View this morning
to check up on my investment
of time, and a little money,
in the Google octopus.

Like a friend in a strange country,
the familiar rainbow letters
smiled from the logo
in front of the building.

Eyes sparkling,
the red-haired receptionist
in the lobby smiled, too.

'Is there a display
for the public? ' I asked,
reining in my wonder,
to find some kind of voice.

'Do you have a meeting here? '
she inquired, the wattage
of her eye-sparkle
going down fast.

'Is this the main lobby? '
I asked, bewildered.
'Don't people come here
from all over the world? '
There had to be more than this.

'No, and if you don't
have a meeting here,
I'll have to ask you
to leave! ' said the girl.

I pushed my way out the door,
muttering something
about the famous Google motto,
'Do no evil',

and puzzled how
a bonanza company
can be so dumb
about public relations.

by Max Reif

Comments (3)

Wow, I won't buy their stock (not that I could afford it anyway) . I wonder what keywords Poemhunter will use to index your poem... -chuck
ouch! And I cherished the idea that they were nice guys on the side of the angels and younme...didn't our Dreux work for them once? Thanks through my tears of disillusion...though I guessed that when they did so well (I researched a whole book through Google) for everybody, that eventually big business would swallow them up...
You should have goggled first. Then you would have seen that it's boom or bust. For those in the web business Who have no concern for visiting pest. Money speaks loud and clear. And while your 'investment', to you seems dear, To them it's just a rating game For their moment of fame. Extracting money from those unaware That value is inflated on every share. Next time just say you're a member of the press And all your wants and needs will be addressed.