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Gorgeous, Grand, Gore

Agony, anguish, anxious
A dance with death, you’re all I have left
Broken, beauty, beaten
With every step I weaken, I know I’ll be defeated
Catastrophe, Credulous, calculated
Each move in perfect sync, everything I am gone in a blink
Destruction, devastation, damaging
Each heel of mine as it hit’s the floor, wrong place, right time.
Elegant, ever-lasting, ending
The music has stopped. Are we only pretending?
Fantastic, frantic, frighten,
My grip on you has tighten, yours on my has lighten
Gorgeous, grand, gore
My feet are starting to become sore, still you lust for more.
Hectic, horrible, hate
This cannot be my fate. Why can’t I escape?
Imperfection, idiot, ignite
This dance is a rhythmic fight
Jolly, jealous, jaded
Somehow I’m smiling ear to ear, as the end is anticipated.
Killing, knowing, karma
This dance is much overdue for drama
Loves, lies, lust.
If you’re the killer, die I must
Moving, maniac, murder
Twirling, swirling, dancing, I never was a fast learner
Nostalgic, nagging, nervous,
Remembering a supposed forever dance, leaving me wordless
Optimist, obvious, oblivion
Enjoying this monstrous dance, I’ve created
Perfection, pessimistic, pretending
This dance is hells angelic setting
Ridiculous, ruin, romance,
If I mess up, I get no second chance
Sadist, sour, smooth.
Gliding on thin ice, it’ll crack, I’ll lose
Terrible, tearing, tragic,
This death is wonderfully magic
United, unhappy, union
As I die, you keep moving
Vulgar, vivid, vanities
Losing all touch with sanity
Wild, weird, winning,
My breath is fading, I can feel you grinning.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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EXCELLENT....This young Poet had to of taken some thinking. It is a granddaddy of words that flow with such fair. Thankyou for sharing and I believe I'm going to have to see what else you are made of. Thankyou for sharing.10+++