Gorgeous Jersey St. Aubin Bay.

Poem By Anthony Fry

A bright scarlet red sunrise, Paradise arrives again,
seen as a bright maroon picture, that beautiful sea.

I relax in Jersey's unique charming St. Aubin bay,
a wonderland of Castles, also Forts for landscape.

Elizabeth Castle on a dawn horizon, surrounded
by white lilac clouds, edged in pink diamonds.

Hop over Jersey's, fine hot grains of golden sand,
another special, gorgeous summer day breaks.

Skip over an uncovered, aged winding causeway,
castle turrets silhouetted pink, in a silver blue sky.

Hungry oyster-catchers, Jumping as if on stilts,
busily dibble and dig, feed on a sandy tide line.

Flotsam from creels, coloured buoy's for their toys,
good little children play, happy on the sea-shore.

Countless stubborn black limpets, stick to rocks,
they keep their secret from gulls, hidden within.

Eels forever tracked, in emerald blue lagoons,
by multicoloured, speedy silver eyed mackerel.

Razor fish and lug-worm below, cast off to time,
In a delicious morning beauty, mounds appear.

Held tight in it's beak, a whelk strikes pebbles,
seagulls squabble, golden silence is broken.

Grey mullet shoals mate, like summer fireflies.
Curiosity being fed a delight on this fine day.

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