Gorgeous Jersey.

Poem By Anthony Fry

Lightning cracks, a lantern swings in a wild night.
A mysterious ship, lurks off of Elizabeth Castle.
Merry sailors bob along, near those rugged rocks.

A sea mist, disguised dances of white sea horses.
Crew, capstans straddled, fingers steepled thinking.
Views of a rocking red sunset, in Belcroute Bay.

Grinning buccaneers, caress half full bottles.
A rough sea, will lend them strange high voices.
Singing shanties, cheeky London dock ditties.

Under influenced sleep, dream of quaint nymphs.
Silk spinneret webs, spiders swing, hang, sway.
Sand to tantalize, wind swept silver dunes shine.

Cautious on a therm, two swallows twitter high up.
Thistles and lizards, share that dry earth bed.
Olive sea wrack, rabbit tails bob in St Quen bay.

Grey mullet, play tag in inshore rocky gullies.
Eyes of a cockle, stare within an armoured cage.
Tasty crab bounties surf, pebbled shore waters.

Oyster-catchers, dibble periwinkles in St Aubin bay.
Gulls ever squabble, eat strange mariners leftovers.
Mosquitoes eternal, cluster dancing round a mast.

Comments about Gorgeous Jersey.

wonderfull poem Mr Fry one of the best i have read on this site for some time, it is clear that you are a poet of high standing. There were some really strong lines in this poem which really stood out especially the opening of the poem it really sets the scene, and sucks the reader in. Much respect to your craft Regardo Vincent

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