Gosh, Madam (I Said Nothing)

Because this is a place where silence
implies nothing and yet represents everything.
Where the MadHatter is a faggot and
i am Alice in Wonderland, exploring
Life(it's a WonderfulLand) 's every
twist and turn, about on the corner
and in the glow of the sunset. Alice,
picking herself up and realising
(something. i wonder what) upon close
examination; Herself.

Gosh, Madam, i said nothing.

Even if i did, it wouldn't be heard.
For this is now a world where noises
bustle allplaces, noises; You, omnipresently
You, drowning insignificant me out
with proclamations of contempt.
Felicitations; a note that invites
anticipation towards
something that i think that maybe i have achieved.
Or so You said, anyway.

Gosh, madam, I said Nothing.

you (or perhaps Me, it must be
one or the other) must
be hearing Things.

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Comments (3)

wow interesting and captivating poem nice title also
Should that be, examination of herself? lol I like your take on Wonderland BWF. Very good indeed, so much so, you lost me in it! lol Nice Job, pity about the pay! Tai
Really different and nice.Keep on with the good work!