AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Gospel Truth

Don't you lay a guilt trip on me
Pardon my French, I'm an off-the-wall guy
Maybe I am my own worst secret enemy
Overacting to be human in order not to die

My present life is such a raw deal
For long I've been on a losing streak
It takes too long for inner pain to heal
While face to face with another tough break

I wanna out of that vicious circle
Even death has been a blessing in disguise
I wish God performed such a miracle
That all of us could from the ashes rise

What's gonna happen over the long haul?
Will another Adam bite into forbidden fruit?
I hope you might save your immortal soul
There's still time to perceive the gospel truth

by Aram Stefanian

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Beware of anyone who purports to speak the gospel truth for you, especially one who sets up a rhyming scheme and then can't even follow it.