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Gossiping Woman

You babbling, chattering, gossiping woman
Suffice to say you have said enough
With your prattle, rumors and hearsay
I am tired and sick of hearing of that stuff.

With your tales and news and all the scandals
I am so exhausted of listening to you as you speak
With your calumny and all that dirty laundry
Why not be quite and turn your other cheek.

I am fed up with your stories and all your chitchat
All the while you are destroying someones reputation
Stop your meddling, small talk and your whispering
Haven’t you already caused enough defamation.

Your malicious blather is making me sick
While you cause injury and wrong with such intense
Now you cry and blether and give everyone an earful
When friends or family don't come to your defense.

You tattling, busybody with all your tidbits
You don’t care who you talk about or who you hurt
Why not shut up and clean up your own idle talk
Before someone notices that you have your own dirt.

You clucking, Bwaking, annoying, irritable woman
You gossip as though to make your own life better
Your thoughts are no cleaner than a garbage bin
And you are, but a bothersome, jealous, agonizing fretter.

I am tired of your lies and all of your stories
With all of your derogatory stories and it’s smut
Why don’t you just sit down and read a good book
And then stop gossiping and keep your mouth shut.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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