DS (11-16-93 / New Jersey)

Got A Lot To Say

Verse 1 :)
I know I don't say much,
But you could try,
To say a little more,
Instead or ignoring me,
Like everyone else!

Verse 2 :)
You used to chat with me,
About the craziest things,
Now you've shut me out,
And I can't make you open up!

Chorus :)
So you thought I would have to,
But I do,
I got a lot to say,
Bout you don't wanna listen,
You just talk over it all,
So all I wanna say is,
Shut up, sit down, and listen cuz,
I got a lot to say!

Verse 3 :)
Open up to me,
Speak your mind,
Cuz when you ignore me,
I feel like dying!

Bridge :)
Yeah, sit down, shut up, listen,
You know I wanna tell you the truth,
But the truth is you really don't care,
Since you don't, I don't speak!

Chorus :) 2 times! !
yell 'listen'! !


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