Got It All Wrong

It is true of time it does weaken the strong
And those who believe that some are not equal to others have got it all wrong
Since death is for everyone is true to say
And the Reaper of lives makes all equal one day
But if you are very wealthy a difference to the lives of some people you can make
And live as a good person for humanity's sake
But you have got it all wrong if in your thoughts you believe
That you were born into life only for to receive
For the betterment of humanity we all have some part for to play
And everyone can make a difference in some sort of a way
By being more compassionate and kind to those doing it tough
Who due to their poverty are condemned to live and sleep rough
For to be kind to others is not hard it does seem
And it can be quite helpful to one's self esteem.

by Francis Duggan

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