Gothic Melody

Poem By Kailee Williams

The sounds of a Vampire stalking its prey
and a werewolf crying to the moon
are music to my ears each night and day,
hoping that I may join them soon.
My dreams are haunted with visions of the undead,
forced to walk the earth for all eternity.
Their eyes tell cursed stories without a word being said,
yet I yearn for what is just out of reach: immortality.
The Vampire's life is one of hiding,
never to reveal themselves to a mortal soul.
Hissing and cringing away from the sun so blinding,
and returning to their coffins, dark and cold.
Listen to their desperate cries,
such a sweet Gothic melody.
Aware of every pathetic mortal's lies;
Oh, how I long for immortality.

Comments about Gothic Melody

I'm studying the gothic genre in college at the moment and this poem is fantastic! great write
Are you sure medical school is where your heart is? Sounds to me writing should be your passion. This was awesome! Great job!
NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT theres the disturbing poem that i yern for i truly love it -broomhead-
Deep, dark and delicious............... Love, Fran xx
Really haunting. Excellent work! !

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