Don't always ware black.
Don't worship satan.
Are not evil.
Do not want to people.
Do not hate everybody.
Are not always depressed.
Can be happy too.
Are usually nice people.
Are normal like you! ! !

by danielle wiltshire

Comments (3)

Hi Danielle, I like your poem. I'm a professional writer and editor, and think your poem would make more sense if you used " wear" rather than " ware" black. Also, in the line " Do not want to people" I think you accidentally left out the verb; maybe you meant " Do not want to HURT people? " This message is meant to help, not disparage your poem. Never stop writing!
There is a problem in line five, fix the problem and remove this comment. Do it as soon as you can. That's all. GW62
what is normal these days lol. Good poem and no one should be sterotyped into a group. Thanks for sharing. **Hugz**