A Feel In The Chris'Mas-Air

They's a kind o' _feel_ in the air, to me.
When the Chris'mas-times sets in.
That's about as much of a mystery
As ever I've run ag'in!--
Fer instunce, now, whilse I gain in weight
And gineral health, I swear
They's a _goneness_ somers I can't quite state--
A kind o' _feel_ in the air.

They's a feel in the Chris'mas-air goes right
To the spot where a man _lives_ at!--
It gives a feller a' appetite--
They ain't no doubt about _that_!--
And yit they's _somepin_'--I don't know what--
That follers me, here and there,
And ha'nts and worries and spares me not--
A kind o' feel in the air!

They's a _feel_, as I say, in the air that's jest
As blame-don sad as sweet!--
In the same ra-sho as I feel the best
And am spryest on my feet,
They's allus a kind o' sort of a' _ache_
That I can't lo-cate no-where;--
But it comes with _Chris'mas_, and no mistake!--
A kind o' feel in the air.

Is it the racket the childern raise?--
W'y, _no_!--God bless 'em!--_no_!--
Is it the eyes and the cheeks ablaze--
Like my _own_ wuz, long ago?--
Is it the bleat o' the whistle and beat
O' the little toy-drum and blare
O' the horn?--_No! no!_--it is jest the sweet--
The sad-sweet feel in the air.

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Comments (3)

Hi Danielle, I like your poem. I'm a professional writer and editor, and think your poem would make more sense if you used " wear" rather than " ware" black. Also, in the line " Do not want to people" I think you accidentally left out the verb; maybe you meant " Do not want to HURT people? " This message is meant to help, not disparage your poem. Never stop writing!
There is a problem in line five, fix the problem and remove this comment. Do it as soon as you can. That's all. GW62
what is normal these days lol. Good poem and no one should be sterotyped into a group. Thanks for sharing. **Hugz**