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Gotta Be Together

I just don't know what to do,
all I want is just you.
Whats taking so long?
You know me better then the lyrics to you favorite song.
Or do you? I don't wanna disappoint.
There's so much pressure; whats the point?
I don't want you to lose interest in me,
because I'm still interested in you,
how do I keep you looking my way,
what do I do?
I cant play hard to get, I tried and I failed.
You're not like other guys, please don't bail.
I promise you it'll all be worth it,
just give me a chance to prove it.
I don't wanna lose a guy like you,
I want to give you my all.
But I need to be with you because when I'm not there's a wall.
I can see it- I can see myself falling in love with you.
Falling in love with everything you say and do.
But I can't do it if you don't give me all of you,
I just can't trust anymore until I'm sure.
I really want it all, I'm addicted to your lure.
Please the wait is killing me,
all I want is just for us to be,
all that we can be,
you and me,
together and facing the world,
you my guy and I your girl.
I can't stand standing in a crowd,
and not being able to say what I feel out loud.
I can't stand there watching what I can't have,
not being able to kiss you or hold you it makes me so mad.
It makes me so depressed, pissed off and sad.
I just wanna scream when I have to pretend,
when I have to act like there's nothing waiting around the bend.
But it seems the more we drive towards it,
it gets farther and farther away,
and I just can't wait to look you in the eyes and tell you all I have to say.
So please just let me in your head,
tell me everything you thought but haven't said.
Let me get close to you,
Let me give you my all,
Once I have you with me then together we'll fall.
Straight into love we'd fall,
no more deceits tests or walls.
Just tell me everything you aren't saying,
tell me everything you're feeling and everything your delaying.
Just give me a shot,
we could be the best together,
all I need is your trust and faith,
just babe let me in, and never say never.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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I almost cried whilst reading this. It reminded me so much of my ex and me! ! Yet again great poem.. Loved it :)