Government (My Opinion, My View)

We the people of Untied States of America
For which it stands
One nation under God
With Liberty and Justice for all.

These words is what most people are impressed in their own age as

me i begin to falter ever since the begginning i saw it.

As one nation under god there are many gods for people of other

religions as we are 'indivisble' to me it is undescriable hate with love,

killings, people killing each other, making the weak depressed to kill

themselves make the snobbish and ignorance of people stronger. This

isnt justice or liberty but lies and bull.

People die mostly everyday as the rich hide away in their safe houses,

the government treating us like dirt, when they say it is going to be ok it

isn't the problem will grow and grow till its unstoppable.

People taking drugs, people abducting, more and more people

become more insane than anyday. Shootouts, Blackouts, Stealing,

and progressing, the goverment cant do anything about it only our

selves, and the reason why we pay the taxs is because the goverment

buys many of useful and senseless things. People on the street for

food more than now, the President supposed to do the promises but

doesnt and 'forgets about it.'

Believe or dont believe it is your choice your path but this is my view

and my opinion.

by Loveless Poet (Kyle S.)

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Your opinion, your view is correct.well written poem loveless poet