Govt. Health Warning.

'I'm terrified of cheese, ' he said,
'And rather scared of hats, '
'The cheese will make me sneeze,
You see, and hats just drive me bats! '

The doctor gave a little smile,
'I've news for you! ' he said,
'Tonight you'll eat some Irish stew,
Tomorrow you'll be dead! '

'Beware of gorgonzola!
Beware of Danish Blue!
Beware of wearing hats at all!
Beware of Irish stew! '

by John Thorkild Ellison

Comments (2)

Once again lol. I love the humour in your poetry. Brilliant piece
Sounds about right. Everything has a health warning on it these days, breathing probably doesn't come without a health warning. Great write (with a great sense of humour added) .