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What is Grace?
Where is Grace?
Who is Grace?
Why is Grace?

Grace is a Pointe Ballet.
Grace is a true friend,
Who is with you,

Grace is in Paradise.
Grace is surrounded by,
Rumor, lies, and jealousy.
Grace stands alone.
Grace stands out.

Grace is an actor who,
Puts up shields to protect,
Her enemies.
Grace stands alone.

Grace is a fairy,
Brown, streaming hair,
Flowing like,
A river,
Down a straight back.

Grace is perfect,
In dance and,
Grace plays melodies so sweet,
You cry.
Grace sings from her heart.

Grace listens to every sound,
On the ocean,
In Paradise.
Grace listens to every creature,
And soul.

Grace cries.
Grace cries for those she knows not,
And for those she loves.

Her tears are like rain,
Always falling somewhere,
Whether inside her heart,
Or on her cheeks.
Grace cries for humanity.

Grace reads.
Diving out of pages,
Like swimming in the ocean.
Grace reads in a trance,
Fiction and non.

Grace loves.
Grace loves you and me.
She loves with all her
Heart and soul.
Grace loves for those who do not.
Grace loves for those who have,

Grace dreams.
Grace dreams of a world
Where no one stands alone.
Grace dreams of
Loyalty, and

Grace is,
In you,
And me,
In books,
The sea,
In music,
In dance,
And love.
Grace is for those who are lost.

How I miss you.
Why do you stand alone?
I want to be,
Like you,
A star among
Grace where did you go?
I love you, Grace.

Grace is here,
When we need help,
Grace is ready to heal.
And be the angel
She is.

Dear Grace.

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