Surface far below,
far behind, and faded away,
Trees bare in ash,
broken ones engulfed in mist—
On a righteous path,
for heaven few fought,
Hymns sung for grace,
and truth shall prevail.

A new season to kill,
another son lost, muffled in shroud,
and funeral held in absence,
Hungry and thirsty land,
In despair:
As sun goes down,
darkness they bring out of us,
on and on it goes.

Sins we do, and sinners we're,
Lies they tell you, Liars they're,
Who am I to say,
But I ask, for mercy from Lord:
Waiting through hours of gloom,
for healer to fill despair,
like a spear made of light.

Through storm, stranded men in Ark,
looking for shore,
Where shepherd watching over lambs,
and son of man preaching faith:
Take me to front,
where battles are going on,
for we all belong there,
Everyone here craves for light.

by Hanan Muzafar

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Comments (2)

Well conceived and nicely crafted with spiritual insight. An insightful rendition. Thanks for sharing Hanan.
If we keep going and keep our faith our prayers will be answered. A great poem.