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Life is very wonderful, it's the decisions in your
everyday life that choose whether you win or lose.

If you choose God, I sought the thought that you'll
be bought by evil and its tricks. It's what you pick
that will stick, because you reap what you sow. If you
pick good you'll glow, if you pick bad you'll moan, I
believe it all just a repeat, just like the story of
Adam and Eve, the apple and the tree. But God shouldn't
have to blow a horn to show you the right door. You'll be
see'n me dropping to my knees saying please and begging
for mercy. Cause God gotta let the people know what time
it is, or they'll never shine again.

You hear about murder and crime everyday; and every night I
pray to the Lord to Bless my soul and to take control.
Cause no one knows when it is time to go. There's only one
life to live and I give my all to God, but with the demons
scheming, even He knows it's hard for me to do it all.

And so He awaits for me to give Him all my love and my
compassion. For death is not sad but a passing on and
leaving behind all the bad. Moving on to a greater place
where every space is filled with love and grace.

by Christopher Ramos

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