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Grace Along The Way
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Grace Along The Way

Poem By Bob Gotti

I need God’s Grace every day, to deal with people along the way,
Those people who appear to be, unruly at times and unkind to me.
I need to be a prevailing light, when I’m wronged, to do what’s right.
For when I enter my work place, men must see His love and grace.

Work is not the problem friend, but the people with whom I contend.
They’re not happy you can say, until they’ve ruined someone’s day.
They even make short days long, never seeing what they do wrong.
And it’s Grace that helps me cope, when there seems to be no hope.

Grace gives one an Eternal view, to temper all that you say and do.
All the wrong that’s done to me, is small when compared to Eternity.
Friend, I was once of that mind, and would say and do things unkind.
But Christ has truly set me free, from righting the wrong done to me.

Change in my life was wrought, when by Christ Jesus I was bought,
When Christ shed his blood for me, upon a wicked cross at Calvary.
It is the bloods transforming power, working in my heart every hour,
Transforming my ways of life, through the Holy Spirit sent by Christ.

My life must become a sacrifice, to draw other men to Jesus Christ.
And bitterness one can not afford, as a witness for Christ our Lord.
Friend, daily I must make a choice, to become embittered or rejoice,
So I rejoice in my Lord Jesus Christ, who died for me to give me life.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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Bob, this is lovely. I wish I shared your strong conviction. Thanks for sharing.