FRA (March 29 / Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines)

Grace Of Freedom

I lift this poem to the Lord and his people in gratitude
For grace of freedom greater than whatever I had before –

Greater freedom:
• Of body, to contain in health bone, muscle and nerve; and to return to dust and ashes;
• Of heart pierced open to give love and receive love as the sea; to forgive and be forgiven as the rain;
• Of mind, more rational and reasonable as the self-budgeting earth, birthing ideas in dialectical ways from the cauldron of unselfishness and the holons of life;
• Of spirit, to soar above regrets, failures, and lost opportunities, to transcendent, translucent worlds of star-rich meaning; and to return to good earth:

 To embrace all peoples, all creation, all choirs of angels;
 To move as the wind in the infinity of caring struggles of toiling peoples;
 To plumb depths of Self to finger the skin of pearls;
 To touch and heal wounds of flesh and soul;
 To clasp in blessing the hands of the sick and the dying;
 To dispense the many sacraments and sacramentals of life.

Greater freedom:
• Of tongue, to proclaim the presences of new heaven, new earth, and holiness and sacredness everywhere;
• Of Being in infinity of time at the threshold of eternity with the Son of Man

Before uninhibited fullness of everlasting life
Here and Now.
[Tagaytay City, July 9,2010]

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